Negrin LLP Provides Legal Solutions

from a Business Perspective.

About Us

Negrin LLP. The intersection of law and accounting. We provide legal solutions from a business perspective.

We are a family business and we are both attorneys and CPAs. We understand how life can take a wrong turn at times and that irreconcilable disagreements happen. We are here to help when you cannot find your own way. From financial problems to legal disputes we will work diligently and efficiently to make the law as simple as possible and find you a solution with the best possible outcome. We treat each matter like it is a business, and try to present solutions that make business sense from an economic perspective.

Our Team


"Matt Negrin represented me in two malpractice lawsuits. I cannot praise enough his professionalism, his attention to detail, his understanding of the issues and the opposition and most importantly his honesty.

Matt will always provide comprehensive opinions and strategies BUT will never forget that he represents your best interests. If you are looking for a common sense, legal savvy, pit-bull then Matt is your lawyer.
I have been represented by firms with 100's of partners, lawyers, paralegals and secretaries. None of them have represented me in a more professional, personal, responsive and honest manner. I cannot thank
Matt and his partner/wife Carolyn enough. I am more than delighted to speak with any and all prospective clients because I don't want anyone to travel the treacherous legal road I did to get to Matt."